Postdoc for Link-Lives, Copenhagen University

Postdoc researcher at University of Copenhagen for the project
Link-Lives: reconstructing life-courses using machine learning techniques to link archival records for the Danish population since 1787.

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We develop manual and machine-learning linking techniques to connect life events of millions of Danes since the 18th century. We work with the Danish National Archives and Copenhagen City Archives, collaborating with a host of volunteers and genealogists to crowd-source the digitisation and transcription of historical records.

National Museet, Copenhagen

From April to July 2018 I worked with the Voices from the Colonies museum team on a new permanent exhibition on the Danish colonial presence in India, entitled Serampore: the forgotten colony?

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Working on storytelling through the use of video footage of modern-day Indians and their responses to a colonial built heritage, the exhibition launched to the public in 2018.

Academic conference: "Beyond the home: new histories of domestic servants"

In September 2017, Dr Sacha Hepburn and I convened an international conference focusing on the lives of servants outside their domestic work environments.

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Speakers joined us from all over the world and shared their expertise on all historical periods and places. More information about the conference can be found at:

Women in Oxford's History: podcast series

In December 2015, the TORCH Graduate Fund awarded funding for a podcast series focusing on women's contributions to Oxford throughout history, run by myself and Alison Moulds. You can find more information and links to the podcasts at Read our blog post on the project's aims on the TORCH website and keep up to date with the project via Twitter @WomenOfOxford.

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Front page of the Women in Oxford's History podcast series website:

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Olivia Robinson and Alison Moulds launching the Women in Oxford's History podcast series at the Humanities Building (former Radcliffe Infirmary) on 20 October 2016 © Olivia Robinson

The project consisted of a series of 6 podcasts on women whose contributions as either ‘town or gown’ have been overlooked in the history of Oxford. It was hoped that by demonstrating women’s impact on Oxford, it will help balance out the current discrepancy between male and female historical figures and encourage others to look into their own community’s past and record how women contributed to their own city. The podcasts are aimed at those who live in Oxford, those with an interest in the city and its history, and all those interested in women’s involvement in urban life.

After successfully producing the first series of six podcasts in 2016, Alison and I handed the reins over to a new team in July 2017. We are delighted that the project will continue to evolve and develop under their guidance. Keep an eye on the
website, the University's podcast site and Twitter account for updates.